Master Zend Framework Is Live!

After much, much, work, Master Zend Framework is live. It's been quite an effort to get it there, with a number of unexpected issues along the way. Nonetheless, it's ready. Looking at the traffic and mailing list signup stats, it's been very well received.

What's Different?

During development, a lot of suggestions were sent in, but not all of them were able to be included. The key one that I wasn't able to include was a responsive design. However, I'm aiming to have it by end of June at the latest. So keep an eye out for it.

The new site is in every way better than the old:

  • The look and feel are professional
  • The site's mission is clear and specific
  • There's more room for content
  • The content's easier to read
  • It's easier to navigate

As time goes on, more additions will be added, but for now, these are the key points. Have a good look through and email me your thoughts? I want it to be the best resource on the net for learning Zend Framework.

About Matthew

Matthew Setter Matthew Setter is a PHP & Zend Framework specialist. If you're in need of a custom software application, need to migrate an existing legacy application, or want to know your current application's GPA - get in touch.

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