Zend Framework 2 for Beginners is Ready

At long last, Zend Framework 2 for Beginners is FINISHED! It took a while to write it, but I'm more than happy to say that it's ready. If you weren't aware that the book was in development, here's a quick overview.

The book aims to help developers new to Zend Framework 2 get started the right way. What I mean by the right way, is that the book focuses on the key information you need to know.

As there's so much to learn, it's not an easy task to distill it down to the essentials. And you can easily get lost up dark alleyways and waste a lot of time, unnecessarily.

So it focuses on the core patterns and sections, such as views, view helpers, controllers, actions, modules, configuration, routing, models, datasources, and caching (amongst other areas) along with the key patterns which underpin Zend Framework 2.

Along with that, it's packed with best-practices and hands-on tips, picked up from using the framework on large projects and from the shared experiences of others who use it regularly and contribute to the framework.

It's been a labour of love, one which I hope comes in handy for you as you develop using the framework. If you're not sure whether you should buy the book, download a free sample and find out. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

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