How do you loop a list in SQL?

How do you iterate over a list in SQL?


  2. GO.
  4. — Declare your array table variable.
  5. DECLARE @MYARRAY table (TEMPCOL nvarchar(50), ARRAYINDEX int identity(1,1) )

How do you write a loop in SQL?

The Basic Syntax of a WHILE Loop

  1. –This variable keeps track of how many times the loop has run.
  2. DECLARE @Counter INT.
  3. SET @Counter = 0.
  4. –The loop begins by checking a condition is met.
  5. –Here we check that the counter has not exceeded 10.
  6. WHILE @Counter
  7. –When the condition is met, the loop is entered.

Does SQL have loop?

SQL Server implements the WHILE loop allowing us to repeat a certain code while the loop condition holds. If, for any reason, we need other loops, we can simulate them using a WHILE loop.

How do you loop through each row in a table in SQL?

Here is the SQL statement:

  1. CREATE TABLE CursorTest ( CursorTestID INT IDENTITY(1,1) PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED, Filler VARCHAR(4000), RunningTotal BIGINT ) GO.
  2. INSERT INTO dbo. …
  3. CREATE TABLE #TallyTable ( Iterator INT IDENTITY(1, 1), ProductID INT ); INSERT INTO #TallyTable ( ProductID ) SELECT ProductID FROM dbo.
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How do you loop through a select statement in SQL Server?

Set the Result Name to 0 and for the Variable Name, select objProductList. This variable will hold the results returned by the query. Click OK to close the editor. Next, add a ForEach Loop container and connect the Execute SQL task to it.

What is while loop in SQL?

SQL WHILE loop provides us with the advantage to execute the SQL statement(s) repeatedly until the specified condition result turn out to be false. … As you can see, in each iteration of the loop, the defined condition is checked, and then, according to the result of the condition, the code flow is determined.

Can you loop through a database?

The while loop will loop through the results and assign a row to $row, until you run out of rows. Plus no need to deal with getting the count of results at that point. This is the “usual” way to loop through results from a DB in php. You don’t need to output a table within a table the way you’re doing it.

What are 3 types of loops in SQL?

Controlling Loop Iterations: LOOP and EXIT Statements. LOOP statements execute a sequence of statements multiple times. There are three forms of LOOP statements: LOOP , WHILE-LOOP , and FOR-LOOP . For a description of the syntax of the LOOP statement, see “LOOP Statements”.

What is cursor in SQL Server?

A SQL cursor is a database object that retrieves data from result sets one row at a time. The cursor in SQL can be used when the data needs to be updated row by row. A SQL cursor is a database object that is used to retrieve data from a result set one row at a time. … This article explains everything about SQL cursors.

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How do I find the row number in SQL Server?

If you’d like to number each row in a result set, SQL provides the ROW_NUMBER() function. This function is used in a SELECT clause with other columns. After the ROW_NUMBER() clause, we call the OVER() function. If you pass in any arguments to OVER , the numbering of rows will not be sorted according to any column.

How do I create a cursor in SQL?

To work with cursors you must use the following SQL statements: DECLARE CURSOR. OPEN. FETCH.

Cursors in SQL procedures

  1. Declare a cursor that defines a result set.
  2. Open the cursor to establish the result set.
  3. Fetch the data into local variables as needed from the cursor, one row at a time.
  4. Close the cursor when done.
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