What does PHP CGI do?

CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a web technology and protocol that defines a way for a web server (HTTP server) to interact with external applications, e.g. PHP. CGI enhances the web server capabilities to enable dynamic content generation and processing.

What is CGI version of PHP?

A CGI program is any program designed to accept and return data that conforms to the CGI specification. Basically it’s a way to run a server side script (PHP, Perl, Python,…) when a HTTP request comes. CGI is very slow in comparison to other alternatives.

Is PHP better than CGI?

CGI programs are very slow, because they need to fork a new process for every HTTP request and the database connection. Whereas PHP is faster and easy to learn. CGI is costly whereas PHP development is not costly as CGI.

What are CGI scripts used for?

A CGI script is any program that runs on a web server. CGI defines a standard way in which information may be passed to and from the browser and server. Any program or script that can process information according to the CGI specification can, in theory, be used to code a CGI script.

What is PHP-FPM and PHP CGI?

4. Running PHP as a CGI means that you basically tell your web server the location of the PHP executable file, and the server runs that executable. whereas. PHP FastCGI Process Manager (PHP-FPM) is an alternative FastCGI daemon for PHP that allows a website to handle strenuous loads.

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How do I know if PHP is running CGI?

Now visit that page in your browser. Near the top, there will be a heading name Server API. If this says Apache, then your account is running PHP as an Apache module. If it says CGI then it is running as a CGI script, probably with PHPSuExec.

Is CGI a script or program?

CGI is a standard method used to generate dynamic content on web pages. CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface and provides an interface between the HTTP server and programs generating web content. These programs are better known as CGI scripts. They are written in a scripting language.

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