Is the server side JavaScript object?

JavaScript is Netscape’s cross-platform, object-oriented scripting language. … Server-side JavaScript extends the core language by supplying objects relevant to running JavaScript on a server.

Which of the following is a server-side of JavaScript object?

But any object which is part of nodejs can be called as server side javascript object because nodejs is serverside language using javascript engine.

Does JavaScript is also called server side JavaScript?

Live wire JavaScript is also called server-side JavaScript. LiveWire is an application development environment that uses JavaScript for creating server-based applications and Therefore it is called as server-side JavaScript.

Is JavaScript good for server-side?

Server-side JavaScript use. … HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are native to Jaxer, as are XMLHttpRequests, JSON, DOM scripting, etc. It offers access to databases, files, and networking, as well as logging, process management, scalability, security, integration APIs, and extensibility. Not developed anymore by Aptana.

Is JavaScript an object oriented programming language?

To be more precise, JavaScript is a prototype based object oriented language, which means it doesn’t have classes rather it define behaviors using constructor function and then reuse it using the prototype.

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Does JavaScript ignore extra spaces?

JavaScript ignores multiple spaces. You can add white space to your script to make it more readable.

How does server side JavaScript work?

Server Side JavaScript (SSJS) is an extended version of JavaScript that enables back-end access to databases, file systems, and servers. Server side javascript, is javascript code running over a server local resources , it’s just like C# or Java, but the syntax is based on JavaScript. A good example of this is Node.

What is JavaScript also called?

JavaScript (often shortened to JS) is a lightweight, interpreted, object-oriented language with first-class functions, and is best known as the scripting language for Web pages, but it’s used in many non-browser environments as well.

Which of the following is a built in object in JavaScript?

Learning JavaScript

The built-in objects are Date, Math, String, Array, and Object.

What is difference between client side JavaScript and server side JavaScript?

These two terms are used in the context of web. Client-side means that the JavaScript code is run on the client machine, which is the browser. Server-side JavaScript means that the code is run on the server which is serving web pages.

Is JavaScript executed client side?

Normally JavaScript runs on the client side (browsers) only. A Developer can also write event driven code on JavaScript which can be execute some function on event and can be run on some engine.

What are the client-side JavaScript objects?

Which of the following are client-side JavaScript object? Explanation: The Input FileUpload object represents an HTML <input> element with type=”file”. The FileUpLoad is a client-side JavaScript object.

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Which of the following is not JavaScript operator?

The correct answer to this question “Which of the following is not considered a JavaScript operator” is option (b). this. Other than “this” all the other options are the JavaScript operators.

Does JavaScript support all Boolean operators?

There is only two boolean type ie. true and false..