Where can I find MySQL config file?

ini C:Program FilesMySQLMySQL Server 5.5my. cnf.

How do I find MySQL config file?

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  1. Find the configuration files. By default, you can find the MySQL® configuration files in: /etc/mysql. …
  2. my. cnf configuration file. …
  3. Log files. Log files are the best place to start troubleshooting any program. …
  4. mysqld and mysqld_safe. …
  5. mysqladmin. …
  6. Backups. …
  7. Database engine. …
  8. Related articles.

Where are MySQL settings stored?

The /etc/mysql/mysql. conf. d/mysqld. cnf config file.

Where do you locate Database configuration file?

The config file is located at app/Config/Database.

Where is MySQL config in Windows?

MySQL looks for it in the following locations (in this order): %PROGRAMDATA%MySQLMySQL Server 5.7my. ini , %PROGRAMDATA%MySQLMySQL Server 5.7my. cnf.

Where is .CNF file in MySQL?

By default and on single instance MySQL servers you are most likely to find this file called my. cnf and found at:

  1. /etc/my. cnf.
  2. /etc/mysql/my. cnf.

Where is MySQL config file Linux?

Table 4.2 Option Files Read on Unix and Unix-Like Systems

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File Name Purpose
/etc/mysql/my.cnf Global options
SYSCONFDIR /my.cnf Global options
$MYSQL_HOME/my.cnf Server-specific options (server only)
defaults-extra-file The file specified with –defaults-extra-file , if any

How do I edit a MySQL conf?

Editing the Mysql my. cnf File

  1. Login to your server via SSH.
  2. To edit the MySQL settings with nano type the following: …
  3. Find the line to edit. …
  4. To increase the max_connections to 110 change it to the following. …
  5. Enter Ctrl + O to “WriteOut” or save the settings.
  6. Then Ctrl + X to exit.
  7. Restart MySQL by typing the following.

Where is the MySQL config file Mac?

OS X provides example configuration files at /usr/local/mysql/support-files/ .

Where is MySQL config file Ubuntu?

By default, the datadir is set to /var/lib/mysql in the /etc/mysql/mysql. conf. d/mysqld. cnf file.

What is Pconnect in CodeIgniter?

hostname – The hostname of your database server. … This permits multiple CodeIgniter installations to share one database. pconnect – TRUE/FALSE (boolean) – Whether to use a persistent connection. db_debug – TRUE/FALSE (boolean) – Whether database errors should be displayed.

Where are config files stored in Linux?

Generally system/global config is stored somewhere under /etc. User-specific config is stored in the user’s home directory, often as a hidden file, sometimes as a hidden directory containing non-hidden files (and possibly more subdirectories).

Where is MySQL located Linux?


  1. Open up MySQL’s configuration file: less /etc/my.cnf.
  2. Search for the term “datadir”: /datadir.
  3. If it exists, it will highlight a line that reads: datadir = [path]
  4. You can also manually look for that line. …
  5. If that line does not exist, then MySQL will default to: /var/lib/mysql.
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Where is the MariaDB server configuration file located?

Starts the MariaDB database server. Usage: mysqld [OPTIONS] Default options are read from the following files in the given order: /etc/my. cnf ~/.

Default Option File Locations on Windows.

Location Scope
INSTALLDIRdatamy.cnf Server
%MARIADB_HOME%my.ini Server (from MariaDB 10.6)

How do I change the configuration file in MySQL workbench?

Make an edit and click Apply to commit the changes. You can open the Administration – Options File secondary tab from either the Navigator area of the sidebar panel or by clicking Server and then Options File from the menu.

How create CNF file in Windows?


  1. Create the my. cnf file in a text editor, and save it to the following location: D:Spendmysql-5.5. 15-winx64 .
  2. Add the following settings to the my. cnf file in the text editor. Note: Note: Make sure that the path for the MySQL database is correctly specified for socket .