Where should your JavaScript code be placed?

JavaScript in body or head: Scripts can be placed inside the body or the head section of an HTML page or inside both head and body. JavaScript in head: A JavaScript function is placed inside the head section of an HTML page and the function is invoked when a button is clicked.

Does it matter where JavaScript is placed?

It depends on what the script is designed to do. If it is using the document. write() method, then it does matter where it is on the page. If it’s trying to reference elements in the DOM, it is best put in the HEAD and have those functions that access DOM elements triggered after the page is loaded.

Where should I put JavaScript and why?

The best practice is to put JavaScript <script> tags just before the closing </body> tag rather than in the <head> section of your HTML. The reason for this is that HTML loads from top to bottom. The head loads first, then the body, and then everything inside the body.

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Which are the different areas where JavaScript code is placed Mcq?

Javascript can be added to our HTML code in mostly 2 ways: Internal Javascript: Javascript in this case is directly added to the HTML code by adding the JS code inside the <script> tag, which can be placed either inside the <head> or the <body> tags based on the requirement of the user.

Can I put script tag anywhere?

You can place the <script> tags, containing your JavaScript, anywhere within your web page, but it is normally recommended that you should keep it within the <head> tags. The <script> tag alerts the browser program to start interpreting all the text between these tags as a script.

Where do I put JavaScript in HTML?

Adding JavaScript into an HTML Document

You can add JavaScript code in an HTML document by employing the dedicated HTML tag <script> that wraps around JavaScript code. The <script> tag can be placed in the <head> section of your HTML or in the <body> section, depending on when you want the JavaScript to load.

What is the best practice to insert a JavaScript code inside an HTML page?

If the JavaScript needs to be ready to go before the entire page loads, you put it between <head></head> . If the JavaScript needs to be available right before the user encounters something on the page, you can put it prior to the element in the <body></body> (although people hardly do that for code readability).

Can script tags be outside?

Yes. But if you do add the code outside it most likely will not be the end of the world since most browsers will fix it, but it is still a bad practice to get into. Technically you shouldn’t be able to place the script tag after the body tag since rendering of the page content ends with the body (or is it the head?.)

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What are the two part of JavaScript libraries?

Explanation: All JavaScript libraries consists of two parts:

  • The external JavaScript itself, which is simply a text file with the containing JavaScript code, saved as a . js file.
  • A “script” tag referencing the external JavaScript file and defined on the page(s) that uses the library.

What is JavaScript in HTML?

JavaScript is a text-based programming language used both on the client-side and server-side that allows you to make web pages interactive. Where HTML and CSS are languages that give structure and style to web pages, JavaScript gives web pages interactive elements that engage a user.

What type of code is JavaScript?

The program is executed from a binary format, which was generated from the original program source code. JavaScript is a lightweight interpreted programming language. The web browser receives the JavaScript code in its original text form and runs the script from that.

Can you put JavaScript in a div?

You can run Javascript from within a <script> tag which really is the best way to do it. Alternatively there are some HTML elements that allow you to execute it on some events, like onchange , onclick etc.

Does script need to be in head?

In general, it does not matter. Scripts end up in the head tag mostly out of tradition.

Should you put script in head?

Place normal script in the head unless it becomes a performance/page load issue. Place script that impacts the render of the page at the end of the body.