Which SQL statement’s are equivalent to make table queries?

What is a make table query which SQL statement’s are equivalent to make table queries?

You can copy rows into a new table using a Make Table query, which is useful for creating subsets of data to work with or copying the contents of a table from one database to another. A Make Table query is similar to an Insert Results query but creates a new table to copy rows into.

What are equivalent queries SQL?

Two SQL queries are semantically equivalent if they produce the same results given any valid input relations. … These two queries will produce the exact same results no matter what the input relations r and s contain, and no matter what the predicate p is.

What type of query is a make table query?

The Make-Table query is classed as one of the Action Queries, however this is different from the other types. Rather than modifying the data contained in an existing database table, a Make-Table query creates a new database table from the results of the query.

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What is an equivalent query?

What is the mathematical equality of two SQL statements? For me two queries are equivalent if, when given both the same of any dataset, they return the same result set.

What does where 1/2 mean in SQL?

The reason you put the WHERE 1=2 clause in that SELECT INTO query is to create a field-copy of the existing table with no data. … But if you don’t want the data contained in Table1 , and you just want the table structure, you put a WHERE clause to filter out all of the data.

What is the SQL command to create a table?


  1. CREATE TABLE table_name ( column1 datatype, column2 datatype, column3 datatype, …
  2. Example. CREATE TABLE Persons ( PersonID int, …
  3. CREATE TABLE new_table_name AS. SELECT column1, column2,… FROM existing_table_name. …
  4. Example. CREATE TABLE TestTable AS. SELECT customername, contactname.

What is query processing in DBMS?

Query Processing is the activity performed in extracting data from the database. In query processing, it takes various steps for fetching the data from the database. The steps involved are: Parsing and translation.

Which of the following are steps in query processing?

Which of the following are steps in query processing? Explanation: Parsing and translation, optimization, evaluation are all the basic steps to process a query.

What is relational algebra expression?

Relational Algebra is procedural query language, which takes Relation as input and generate relation as output. Relational algebra mainly provides theoretical foundation for relational databases and SQL. Operators in Relational Algebra. Projection (π) Projection is used to project required column data from a relation.

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How do you query a table in SQL?

SQL command to list all tables in Oracle

  1. Show all tables owned by the current user: SELECT table_name FROM user_tables;
  2. Show all tables in the current database: SELECT table_name FROM dba_tables;
  3. Show all tables that are accessible by the current user:

What type of query creates a new table using the query results?

Rather than modifying the data contained in an existing database table, a Make-Table query creates a new database table from the results of the query. We can create the new table based upon a limiting criteria using the make-table action query.

What criteria query?

A query criterion is an expression that Access compares to query field values to determine whether to include the record that contains each value. For example, = “Chicago” is an expression that Access can compare to values in a text field in a query.

How does equivalence rule help in query optimization?

An [13] Equivalence Rules say that if the expression of two forms are equivalent then we can replace an expression of the first form by an expression of the second form or vice versa. The optimizer uses Equivalence Rules to transform expressions into other logically equivalent expressions.

What is natural join?

A NATURAL JOIN is a JOIN operation that creates an implicit join clause for you based on the common columns in the two tables being joined. Common columns are columns that have the same name in both tables. A NATURAL JOIN can be an INNER join, a LEFT OUTER join, or a RIGHT OUTER join.

Is used to reduce the number of query evaluation plans?

So, optimizers use heuristics to reduce the cost of optimization. Explanation: The join orders where the right operand of each join is in one of the initial relations are called as left deep join orders. Explanation: Caching and reuse of query plans is called as plan caching.

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