How split a column in SQL table?

How do I split a column in SQL?

You can do it using the following methods:

  1. Convert delimited string into XML, use XQuery to split the string, and save it into the table.
  2. Create a user-defined table-valued function to split the string and insert it into the table.
  3. Split the string using STRING_SPLIT function and insert the output into a table.

How can I split a column into two in SQL?

2 Answers

  1. declare @tab as table (col varchar(max))
  2. insert @tab values (‘If I take this route ill get there quicker’)
  3. select.
  4. left(col, 14) as Output1,
  5. substring(col, 1+14, 14) as Output2,
  6. substring(col, 1+14+14, 14) as Output3.
  7. from @tab.

How do I split one column into multiple rows in SQL Server?

Split column values into multiple lines

  1. Retrieve from the string values delimited by separators.
  2. Dynamically define maximum number of values for all concatenated strings.
  3. Generate multiple lines for each record.
  4. Distribute retrieved values to generated rows.
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How do you separate in SQL?

How To Split A String In SQL

  1. declare @a varchar(100)
  2. set @a = ‘vinay,talapaneni,Hello,HI’
  3. ;with cte as(select STUFF(@a,1,CHARINDEX(‘,’,@a),”) as number,
  4. convert(varchar(50),left(@a, CHARINDEX(‘,’,@a)-1 )) col1.
  5. union all.
  6. select STUFF(number,1,CHARINDEX(‘,’,number+’,’),”) number,

How do I split a column into multiple columns in mysql?

SELECT `old_column_name`, SUBSTRING_INDEX(`old_column_name`, ‘x’, 1) `new_column_name_1`, SUBSTRING_INDEX(SUBSTRING_INDEX(`old_column_name`, ‘x’, 2),’x’,-1) `new_column_name_2`, SUBSTRING_INDEX(`old_column_name`, ‘x’, -1) `new_column_name_3` FROM `your_table_name`; Populate new columns.

How do I get comma separated values in SQL query?

Using the SQL functiond “FOR XML PATH”, “STUFF” and “SUBSTRING”, we can get comma separated values in SQL.

How split comma separated values into columns in SQL Server?

Lets split the comma separated phone number list into columns, For this we will use Cross Apply operator, String_Split function and SQL pivot. Following query is used for splitting a comma separated phone number list into columns.

How do you split a comma in SQL?

A) Using the STRING_SPLIT() function to split comma-separated value string

  1. SELECT value FROM STRING_SPLIT(‘red,green,,blue’, ‘,’); …
  2. SELECT value FROM STRING_SPLIT(‘red,green,,blue’, ‘,’) WHERE TRIM(value) ”;

How do I split multiple columns into multiple rows in SQL?

3 Answers

  1. create table #test(Sl int, Locations char(15), Ratings char(15))
  2. insert into #test values(132 ,’ABC/DEF/GHE’, ‘L/M/H’),(332, ‘ABC/GHE’, ‘M/H’)
  3. CREATE FUNCTION SplitStr(@Sourcestr VARCHAR(8000), @Seprate VARCHAR(100))
  4. RETURNS @result TABLE(F1 VARCHAR(100))
  5. AS.
  6. BEGIN.
  7. DECLARE @sql AS VARCHAR(100)

How do I create a split function in SQL Server?

SQL Server 2016 introduced a new built-in table-valued function, STRING_SPLIT that splits the provided input string by a specified separation character and returns the output separated values in the form of table, with a row for each delimited value between each separator character.

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How do you separate comma separated values in SQL and insert into table?

Insert Comma Separated (Delimited) values in a Table in SQL…

  1. The SplitString function.
  2. Using the SplitString function in SQL Query.
  3. Using the SplitString function in a Stored Procedure.
  4. Executing the Stored Procedure.

How do I split a string in SQL w3schools?

MS Access Split() Function

Split strings: SELECT Split(“SQL Tutorial is fun!”) AS SplitString; Result: {“SQL”, “Tutorial”, “is”, “fun!”}