Does alter table lock table MySQL?

ALTER TABLE statements that change a table’s partitioning cannot use ALGORITHM with DEFAULT , COPY , or INPLACE . (MySQL 5.6. 11 and later support such statements using ALGORITHM=1 or ALGORITHM=2 when performing upgrades or downgrades.) Such ALTER TABLE statements also do not support a LOCK clause.

Does ALTER TABLE lock database?

When you run an alter table statement, PostgreSQL will update the table structure and there is no locking unless you do something that needs to alter existing rows.

Does ALTER TABLE lock table SQL Server?

Yes, it will lock the table.

Does MySQL lock table on update?

A locking read, an UPDATE , or a DELETE generally set record locks on every index record that is scanned in the processing of an SQL statement. It does not matter whether there are WHERE conditions in the statement that would exclude the row.

How do I stop a MySQL table from locking?

Option 3: Third option to prevent table locks with MySQL database is to use AUTOCOMMIT on the database level. This will prevent table locks from occurring unintentionally during report execution since all the transactions are committed after they are executed without additional commit commands.

How do I lock a table in MySQL?


  1. Sort all tables to be locked in an internally defined order (from the user standpoint the order is undefined).
  2. If a table is locked with a read and a write lock, put the write lock before the read lock.
  3. Lock one table at a time until the thread gets all locks.
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Does create index lock table MySQL?

Yes you can. It will lock the table you’re adding an index to while it’s being created. If the table is large, it may take awhile as it has to read each row while building the index.

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