What is SQL Repair Advisor?

Oracle 11g introduced the SQL Repair Advisor to help diagnose and fix valid SQL statements that fail with critical errors at runtime. The advisor performs a diagnostic operation on the statement and may provide a patch to repair the statement.

What is SQL Advisor?

The SQL Tuning Advisor analyzes high-volume SQL statements and offers tuning recommendations. It takes one or more SQL statements as an input and invokes the Automatic Tuning Optimizer to perform SQL tuning on the statements. … You can choose to accept the recommendation to complete the tuning of the SQL statements.

What is SQL Advisor in Oracle?

SQL Tuning Advisor is SQL diagnostic software in the Oracle Database Tuning Pack. You can submit one or more SQL statements as input to the advisor and receive advice or recommendations for how to tune the statements, along with a rationale and expected benefit.

What is SQL patch in Oracle?

A SQL patch is a SQL manageability object that can be generated by the SQL Repair Advisor, in order to circumvent a plan which causes a failure. In essence, a SQL patch tells the optimizer to change the plan in some way or avoid an optimization so that the failure does not occur.

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How do I enable SQL Tuning Advisor?

From the main database page, navigate to the Advisor Central page. Next, click the SQL Advisors link. Now click the Automatic SQL Tuning Results page. From this screen, you can configure, view results, disable, and enable various aspects of Automatic SQL Tuning.

How do I use SQL Access Advisor?

SQL Access Advisor Running

  1. Step -1: Open SQL Access Advisor tab as follows.
  2. Step -2: Specify initial options as follows.
  3. Step -3: Select the source of workload in this step. …
  4. Step -4: Select Indexes, Materialized Views and Partitioning option as follows.
  5. Step -5: Set the other options and click Next button.

Which three functions can be performed by the SQL Tuning Advisor?

Correct Answer: BC

  • recommending creation of indexes based on SQL workload.
  • recommending restructuring of SQL statements that have suboptimal plans.
  • checking schema objects for missing and state statistics.
  • recommending optimization of materialized views.
  • generating SQL profiles.

How do I run SQL Tuning Advisor in Oracle 12c OEM?

To run the SQL Tuning Advisor:

  1. In EM Express, from the Performance menu, choose Performance Hub. …
  2. In the Select Time Period field, select the desired time period. …
  3. Select Activity.

What is SQL profile in Oracle?

A SQL profile is a set of auxiliary information specific to a SQL statement. Conceptually, a SQL profile is to a SQL statement what statistics are to a table or index. The database can use the auxiliary information to improve execution plans. … Therefore, SQL profiles just guide the optimizer to a better plan.

What is patching in mysql?

Patch requirements. Let’s define some of the basics: A patch is a structured, computer-generated description of how to modify the source code of a software product. The most common patches fix bugs and introduce new features, and the most common program to generate such a description is “diff”.

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How do I know if a PSU patch is installed in a database?

How to Check Latest patch applied to the Database

  1. Listing Applied Patches. To print a summary of installed patches, you can can use opatch lspatches command. …
  2. Using opatch lsinventory. …
  3. Get detailed info Using opatch lsinventory.

How do I drop a SQL patch?

DROP_SQL_PATCH with the patch name to drop the SQL patch. The patch name can be obtained from the explain plan section or by querying the view DBA_SQL_PATCHES .

How do I disable SQL Tuning Advisor?

Disable one by one follow following commands:

SQL> EXEC DBMS_AUTO_TASK_ADMIN. DISABLE(client_name=>’sql tuning advisor’, operation=>NULL, window_name=>NULL); SQL> EXEC DBMS_AUTO_TASK_ADMIN. DISABLE(client_name=>’auto space advisor’, operation=>NULL, window_name=>NULL);

What is automatic SQL tuning?

Automatic SQL Tuning is a new capability of the query optimizer that automates the entire SQL tuning process. Using the newly enhanced query optimizer to tune SQL statements, the automatic process replaces manual SQL tuning, which is a complex, repetitive, and time-consuming function.

How do I create a SQL tuning set?

Creating SQL Tuning Sets using Enterprise Manager

On the “SQL Tuning Sets” screen, click the “Create” button. Enter a name for the SQL tuning set and click the “Next” button. Select the “Load SQL statements one time only” option, select the “Cursor Cache” as the data source, then click the “Next” button.

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