Which is not a feature of Java Script?

Which is not a features of JavaScript?

Javascript as the client-side does not allow the reading and writing of files. There are no multithreading capabilities of javascript. Javascript cannot be used for networking applications. It can be disabled.

What are features of JavaScript?

JavaScript Features

  • Object-Centered Script Language. Object Centered Language features built in the object as Java Script has a window object. …
  • Client Edge Technology. …
  • Validation of User’s Input. …
  • Else and IF Statement. …
  • Interpreter Centered. …
  • Ability to Perform In Build Function. …
  • Case Sensitive Format. …
  • Light Weight and delicate.

What are the three features of JavaScript?

Now we are going to discuss some important features of JavaScript.

  • Light Weight Scripting language.
  • Dynamic Typing.
  • Object-oriented programming support.
  • Functional Style.
  • Platform Independent.
  • Prototype-based.
  • Interpreted Language.
  • Async Processing.

What is JavaScript list any three features of JavaScript?

Features Of JavaScript

  • Validating User’s Input. JavaScript is very useful while using forms. …
  • Simple Client-side Calculations. …
  • Greater Control. …
  • Platform Independent. …
  • Handling Dates and Time. …
  • Generating HTML Content. …
  • Detecting the User’s Browser and OS.

What are JavaScript types?

JavaScript types

  • Boolean type.
  • Null type.
  • Undefined type.
  • Number type.
  • BigInt type.
  • String type.
  • Symbol type.
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What are the features and advantage of JavaScript?

Advantages and Disadvantages of JavaScript

  • Speed. Client-side JavaScript is very fast because it can be run immediately within the client-side browser. …
  • Simplicity. JavaScript is relatively simple to learn and implement.
  • Popularity. …
  • Interoperability. …
  • Server Load. …
  • Gives the ability to create rich interfaces.

What are the main features of a scripting language?

Characteristics of Scripting Language

  • It is open-source, which means a user can have full control to view and edit it.
  • It is easy to learn and work with.
  • Comparatively faster to develop than an actual program.
  • It has a limited number of data structures which makes it easy to write and edit.

What are JavaScript functions?

A function in JavaScript is similar to a procedure—a set of statements that performs a task or calculates a value, but for a procedure to qualify as a function, it should take some input and return an output where there is some obvious relationship between the input and the output.

What are the features of jQuery?

Following are the important features of jQuery.

  • HTML manipulation.
  • DOM manipulation.
  • DOM element selection.
  • CSS manipulation.
  • Effects and Animations.
  • Utilities.
  • AJAX.
  • HTML event methods.
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