Podcast Recap - Interoperability and Expressive Configuration

  • Interoperability and Expressive Configuration

This week’s been an exciting one on the podcast, with two new episodes covering interoperability and how to configure Zend Expressive applications. Here’s a recap.


On Monday episode four of the podcast was released. In this one I talked about a key benefit of building applications with Zend Expressive, as it’s built on PSR-7 - Interoperability. Here’s an excerpt:

Interoperability moves us, as a community, yet further away from silo’d implementations and full stack or kitchen sink approaches, which we’ve known in the PHP community for some years now.

What’s more, it encourages us to drop an old attitude which has persisted in the PHP community for too long: “not made, or not developed, here”.

This attitude resulted in copious amounts of duplicate code; duplicate code instead of best-of-breed libraries. Libraries which the entire community knows about, critiques, and improves.

Check out the episode for more. I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of it.

Zend Expressive Application Configuration

Yesterday, episode 5 of the podcast was released. In this one I talked about the essentials of configuring an expressive application, one based on the standalone installer. Specifically, I covered the four types of applications which can commonly built with expressive. These are:

  • Basic routing configuration
  • Using a container
  • Using a Configuration-Driven Container
  • Hybrid Container and Programmatic Creation

Check out the episode for more. I’m sure you’ll see just how flexible and accommodating Zend Expressive is, especially in comparison to previous versions of Zend Framework, and how things used to be in PHP.

Coming Up Next Week

Next week, the momentum continues! On Monday I’m talking about the standard expressive directory structure. On Thursday I’m giving an overview of the default expressive routing library, FastRoute. See you then!

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