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Zend Framework 2 Foundations

Want to get started the right way with Zend Framework 2? This book gives you the best start by focusing on the key information you need to know. From *views*, *controllers*, *actions*, *modules*, and *configuration*, to the key patterns which underpin Zend Framework 2. This book gets you off to the right start, with a tight focus on what you need to know, packed with best-practices and hands-on tips.

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Zend Framework 2: The Basics

This course explores PHP’s flagship framework in a way that suits all PHP developers. Maybe you’re an old hand with the likes of Laravel, FuelPHP, Symfony 2 or Kohana. Or maybe you’re currently building web apps without a PHP or MVC framework. In this course, I explore the essential features of Zend Framework 2. By the time you’re done, you’ll be putting them to work in your professional and pet projects.

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