Zend Expressive 1.0.0 Stable Has Been Released

Zend Expressive 1.0.0 Stable Has Been Released

That’s right, in case you missed the news, Zend Expressive 1.0.0 Stable has been released. According to the blog post which project lead Matthew Weier O’Phinney released yesterday, there’s not be a lot of changes.

But that’s not to say that nothing’s changed. This is a great milestone in the continuing evolution of Zend Framework 3. Check out the post and please tweet a big thank you to all the contributors for their continuing hard work on the project.

 Not Tried Zend Expressive Yet?

If you’ve not gotten started with Zend Expressive yet, check out the two-part series here on the blog, or the official documentation. It’s a great time to be involved, and be expressive.

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